by David Wang with Georgina Sam



Christian China and the Light of the World

There is more to China’s story than its rise as a global economic power. The Holy Spirit has birthed a vibrant, rapidly growing house church movement in China’s cities. For years Christians in the West have heard rumors of house churches in the rural countryside with believers numbering in the tens of millions. Now the underground movement has emerged among China’s upwardly mobile, globally connected urbanites—and there will be no turning back! In Christian China and the Light of the World, you’ll meet believers serving God’s people in the People’s Republic of China. Learn about the political, social and economic pressures faced by the urban Chinese church, and find out how you can pray for and support your sisters and brothers in Christ who are following Him no matter the cost. Their true stories of the Holy Spirit’s miraculous move across the most populous nation on earth will thrill and inspire you… and lead you to be awed by the Light that darkness cannot overcome.

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by Georgina Sam and David Wang



Still Red

Still Red interweaves the true life stories of Mingyen, Saimen and Lili.  From different generations, contrasting spheres of society, and on separate journeys, these three remarkable individuals share one thing in common:  They will do whatever it takes to see their homeland of China filled with Hope—even if it means sacrificing their lives.

Through their adventures, Still Red paints a picture of the pressures, demands and challenges confronting ordinary people trying to live lives of faith in the People’s Republic of China.  When, for the first time in her life, Lili is being warned about the penalties for converting others to Christianity, Mingyen has the lowly task of daily cleaning out the cesspool in his labor camp.  Saimen, meanwhile, is being paraded through the streets wearing a dunce cap and a placard, a victim of the infamous struggle meetings during the tumultuous Cultural Revolution.

Whether forced to withstand the harshness of the Chinese gulag, endure inhuman conditions, or live life as a fugitive under the threat of “shoot to kill” orders, Mingyen, Saimen and Lili’s humanity and survival in extreme circumstances are an inspiration to all.

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