Hosanna Foundation was established in 2010 to steer the growth of the various China ministries of Asian Outreach. Presently these ministries are run by the team in Hong Kong, but the eventual aim is to transfer their management, leadership and ownership to the Church in China herself.

The forming of Hosanna was a response to the fact of China’s continuing modernization and emergence as an influential player on the world stage. Even as individual lifestyles have seen transformation and modes of business have expanded in the People’s Republic, so too have transitions had to be made in missions outreach and holistic community development.

Traditionally the Church in China is viewed as a receiving church only. Yet in the twenty‐first century Hosanna Foundation aims to help her fulfill the vision of becoming a giving or sending church, with the view to completing the full circle for missions in the Mainland—which began to China, then gradually moved in China, along with China, and ultimately it will be from China.

To that end, Hosanna Foundation works strategically to harness and optimize the strengths of the indigenous methods already cultivated within the Church in China. Projects undertaken by Hosanna thus have a specific focus on building and strengthening leadership at all levels and are characterized by their emphasis on:

• Pastoring pastors to pastor
• Training trainers to train
• Leading leaders to lead

Hosanna Foundation is a registered, tax‐exempt charitable organization in Hong Kong with board members from both China and overseas. It is also a member of the Asian Outreach Alliance, which has been at the forefront of providing hope, practical help and training to Asia’s most remote peoples since 1966.